Property Management In Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

If you have idle money, real estate is the easy and secure place to investment. There are handful of individuals who likes to keep their cash idle. Moreover, the Return On Investment (ROI) is very high in real estate investment. However, many investors do not move forward with their investment decision because they do not want to take the hassle of managing the investment property. They might not have enough time or manpower. 

Another important fact is that, in this global economy, there are many foreign investors who want to invest in Canada, especially in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). However, they feel the same dilemma of managing their investment properties. They wonder who do they trust, how much would it cost in maintenance, how would collect rent and take care of the renting and so on.

1-Year Free Property Management

To make your investment decision easier, we offer 1-Year FREE property management services when you buy an investment property through us. Enjoy hassle fee rental income in your bank account. 

What Do We Do For You?

Real estate is a business of trust and we work towards building a long-lasting relationship with our clients and to get more referrals. We offer following services to our investors:

Help with the closing

When it comes to closing the property, there are many tasks related to legal matters, mortgage, getting insurance and so on. There are many last-minute tasks that require dedicated time and effort. If you are lack of resources or time, we can assist you with these time consuming and hectic matters. Please note that we are not lawyers or mortgage brokers and we do not take any responsibility related to these tasks. We strongly encourage you to do your proper due diligence.

Market your property

Nothing works without property marketing, To attract high-quality tenant, a property must be advertised property. Once your property is closed, we would market it for renting on MLS or any other rental listing websites as required. 


Tenant screening

Proper tenant screening or background check is a must to find the right tenant who would pay the rent every month. Our clients enjoy $2 off of the regular tenant screening cost. Click here to learn more about our tenant screening service.



Leasing the property

Once the renter is chosen, we will take care of the tenant leasing based on provincial rules and regulations. We would also make sure to add additional clauses to protect your property.

Rent collection

We would make sure that you are getting paid every month. Your money will be directly deposited to your bank account in Canada or overseas using proper money transfer channel.

Property maintenance

This is the most daunting part of the property management and we would take care of that for you. We would be taking care of all the tenant calls, required fixup and periodic inspections to keep your investment in good shape.

Owner Portal

We want you to be informed on your investment at all time and we use one of the best property management software to do that. With our owner portal, you would have access to realtime information about your property, tenant lease and reports. 


Other Services

  • Bill Payment
  • Managing subcontractors including snow plowing
  • Periodic property inspection
  • Tenant dispute
  • And much more


Is not it the sweetest deal for an investor like you? Still confused or need clarification? We would be happy to address all of your concerns.

Giving Back To Society

We believe it is our social obligation to give back to society. We are committed to contribute 1% of our real-estate transactions to the charity. Doing business with us means helping your community. Talk to us to know how you can help your community.